This is INKO

INKO is a Swedish company specialised in quality flagpoles and sign systems for sophisticated use in all surroundings.Its headquarters are situated in Erbil, Iraq.

The company’s activities are based on high quality. This is significant for all our products as well as deliveries and follow-up of orders executed. With our custome always in the centre, we have made it our policy to guarantee satisfaction from start to finish of a project. This includes, for example, a ten-year guarantee on all our products.

Welcome To INKO!

We welcome you to visit our offices to get better acquainted with our assortment of quality products and to discuss how we could improve your business.

The Erbil headquarters

With 20 years of experience from qualified information and advertising in Sweden,INKO established its headquarters in the Italian Village in Erbil, Iraq, in 2011.You will find our customers in virtually all segments of the market, from government offices to large, international companies and private individuals.We welcome you to visit our offices to get better acquainted with our assortmentof quality products and to discuss how we could improve your business.


Make Yourself Seen.

Strictly speaking, advertising is a means to inform a potential customer about products or services you want him or her to buy. Every supplier knows that if you do not succeed to get your message across, you will be out of business. There are various ways to do this. We at INKO Reklam have a long-time experience in conveying advertising messages to the public, in Europe as well as in Iraq. We are willing to share this experience with you. In the following you will find a list of tools which might be a help to reach a wider market for your products or services.

INKO Reklam offers a wide variety of sophisticated high-quality signs and sign systems. These vary in size and structure for many different purposes. In the following we would like to introduce to you our assortment of large billboards, mainly designed to attract attention to an advertising message in public places, such as airports, bus stations, shopping malls and along thoroughfares in large cities and the neighbouringcountry.We are the only company to offer you a total service in this respect. This includes production and assembly on site of  billboards, as well as production and installation of the advertising messages and follow-up of changes as needed.

Flags and flagpoles

INKO is the general distributor in Kurdistan and Iraq of flags and flagpoles manufactured by the well-known Swedish company Formenta.The flagpoles, made of long-lasting, glass-fibre-reinforced polyester, have been delivered to well-known sites all over the world, such as the White House in Washington, Olympic Games events, United Nations buildings and a number of international companies, among them IKEA of Sweden and Mercedes Benz.

Signs and sign systems

INKO supplies modular signs and sign systems from internationally well-known suppliers. Signs include all types and sizes from small wall brackets and table stands to large two-sided and triangular pylons for interior as well as exterior use. We also supply large billboard signs for a wide variety of advertising messages at airports, bus stations and along streets and thoroughfares in cities and other surroundings, which attract attention from a large number of potential customers.