Sign of a Nation

Most people feel proud when they see their national flag streaming in the wind. It can be a symbol of freedom or a symbol of solidarity. It is a sign of independence.There are many reasons why you should fly a flag. On official occasions on an international scale it will help build the feeling of togetherness. It may strengthen the image of a national or international institution or company. It will give satisfaction to private citizens to fly a flag in their own home yard.

Whatever the reason a positive interpretation of the flag also depends on how it is flown. At INKO we have for years supplied the Iraqi market with high-quality flagpoles to further underline the importance of conveying a complete picture of quality in this respect.INKO offers a wide range of flagpoles made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester. This is a maintenance-free material which combines strength and low weight with a brilliant, clean finish. The flagpoles come in different lengths for flying flags, banners and pennants alike.