Formenta’s lighting columns are made from composite materials, which means they are maintenance free while combining low weight and extreme strength. The product was developed in close collaboration with developers and electricians. The goal was to design a lighting column which esthetically enhances the surroundings in public areas.

Formenta’s lighting columns come in four different lengths; 3, 4, 5 or 6 m. All columns are of conical shape and can be shipped in any colour from the RAL-scale. In other words, there are over 200 colours to choose from. The door is constructed to withstand rough treatment in public areas. Optional lock is available if needd.

With our Swedish made composite lighting columns, weight is reduced by 70% compared to traditional steel columns. Formenta’s lighting columns are also completely maintenance free and doesn’t corrode. It’s also non-conductive which ensures safer surroundings.


Formenta’s lighting columns are installed in standard prefab bases.


The manufacturing process of Formenta’s lighting columns does not include emissions in nearby waters. This is a very important difference from the production of the traditional lighting columns in aluminium or steel. The low weight, in relation to volume, also results in environmental benefits during transport of production materials as well as finished product.

The production of polyester-based products is using only a fraction of the electricity needed to produce aluminium products. Steel-based material also requires a lot more electricity and ultimately a higher impact on our environment. Formenta’s energy consumption has been heavily reduced over the recent years, and our production facilities today are mostly driven by bio-energy. At the same time our electricity consumption has been reduced by one third, despite an increase in production. All electricity used in our plant comes from eco-labeled water or wind power.

Formenta has high standards on excellent quality in products and production process. We are quality certified through ISO 9001 and environmentally certified through ISO 14001.